Karma is,believe it or not

Karma is not luck or chance.

Karma is not fate.

Karma is not destiny.

Karma is not providence, nor fortune.

Karma is not coincidence,accident,kismet or design.

Karma may be a bit of all of the above but it is is a much more complex phenomenon,self driven,over a very very long period, over many many lifetimes, comprising of accumulated dues and continuous repayment of dues and creation of new debts-the sum total of each persons life,unique to that person but over many  different lives.

Karma has not been proved by science but then so has God  .Either you believe in karma or you dont.
You can believe in God and not believe in Karma.
You can believe in Karma and not believe in God.
You can believe in neither or you can believe in both.
This blog is for those who  believe in both.

If you do not believe in Karma,I cannot convince you about it.

When all the  old karmas have been squared off ,

When no more new karmas are created,

Then will there be Enlightenment,

And  no more future rebirths.

You will then be in heaven,merged with the Divine.
May all souls reach this stage at the earliest.