Positive karma,Negative karma

The Law of Karma works in mysterious ways.
Even a negativity like wishing ill of someone becomes debit points in your karmic account.
This is all unexplored territory.I cannot prove anything nor can you disprove anything.One has to go by personal intuition.So all that I speak about the Law of Karma is purely a figment of my imagination.Like a science fiction movie.
Continuing with the theory of the Law of Karma,the mind is the storehouse of karmic records-like a computer chip in your head,or even in the form of a gene in your body ( the Karmic Gene or the KG,still undiscovered by man).All your karmic pluses and minuses get stored here for eternity.Like your bank loans(debits) and bank interest(credits) get stored in bank records forever..
If you incur a small debit (like thinking ill of someone) its possible that you may have to pay off that negative action first ,by facing some small illness or small misfortune in life ,while your big previous debts are still unpaid.
Its like credit card payments (small debts) have to be paid monthly,while the big debts, like mortgages etc have to be paid off over a long period of time.
The point is to learn to associate Karma with Credits & Debits.The point is to listen to your conscience as a Karmic barometer or a karmic regulator.
Even a small negativity(Debit) will have to be paid off.
Even a small positive act(Credit)will be a plus point.
The Karma theory would be more believable if only you believe in rebirths as the credits and debits carry on over many many lifetimes.This is the premise of the theory.

Posted by noescape