On reducing future karmas

There are three  ways which come to mind for reducing our  future karmas.One is  to stop creating the birth of new karmas as far as possible by awareness of rightful thought and  behaviour.The second is  performing deeds of purification like sincere meditation and prayers which will purify our mind to an extent and also stop the birth of new karmas.And the third is performing acts of kindness and charity which will reduce partially the burden of karma piled  up in the past.Out of the three, the most important is the first one.Look at it from the debt point of view.If there are  no  new debts created,there is no interest piling up. Then it is simpler to clear  the old debts. If there is a leak,the first thing to do is to stop the leak.So develop a karma awareness and  focus on rightful thought and rightful conduct and you will notice the change in your life within a short period of time.