Look at karma as dues.

Karma terminology is different in different religions.The concepts in Jainism,Hinduism and Buddhism are also quite different.Some concepts go too deep and you need a deep study to understand them.I would like to talk of basic concepts which help me to understand Karma in my personal life and to act upon it to benefit me in a practical way.

In Hindu terminology,there are three types of basic Karmas.To explain better,I look at Karma as dues or debts I have to repay.

Firstly there is Sanchita Karmas.

These are total dues accumulated over many previous lives.

Then there is Prarabda Karma.This is the total dues I have to settle in this life,in my current birth.This is predestined.It is like fruits that have ripened on the trees that have to be plucked immediately.

And then there is the Agami Karmas…These are the fresh dues I am creating in this life by my acts of omission and commision due to ignorance .These karmas I am freshly creating, add to my total dues.They may be settled in this life itself or may be passed on and added to the total sum for future squaring off.

It all sounds very money lenderish- but the terminology makes sense if you believe in the principle of ” as you sow,so shall you reap.”

And who keeps all the multiple accounts of all the people in the world?

Each person has his karma genes inside him,you can call it his “conscience genes”,which are carried on from life to life.These are the storehouse of that person’s karmas.One day Science will discover this gene.Believe it or not.