The concept of Karma in Jainism is far too deep to put across in a post and I must also confess to my lack of deep knowledge on the subject.
But Shrimad Rajchandra,a very well known and respected Jain,wrote a small book called “Atma Sidhi” in which he simplied a lot of concepts through beautifully written couplets.Some of these spoke about Karma.

“Atma Sidhi” makes six fundamental statements.(Buddha had his Four Noble Truths).
The six fundamental statements in all their simplicity and truth are as follows:
1.The Atma exists.(The common translation for Atma is soul)
2.This(atma) is eternal.(indestructible)(timeless)
3. This (atma) is the creator of its own karma.
4.This (atma) also bears the consequences (of its own karma).
5.But again,liberation is possible(from karma)
6.Liberation(from karma) is through true religion.

So four out of the six fundamental statements are directly as well as indirectly karma related.
In my next post,I would like to talk of some other Karma related couplets of Atma Sidhi.