Do all die equal?

Nobody  believes  that” all are  born equal”.(The inequality of the rich and the poor)

Nobody believes that “all  live equal”

But everybody believes that “all die equally”.

But do all really die equal?

I think that all do not die equal..Some leave behind a lot more  good and some leave behind a lot more harm.

Nobody  can take  their  wealth with them when they die.

But I believe you can take the quality and the level of consciousness of this life into your next life.There is a karma carryforward.

Those that have left good behind in this life will carry good karma with them (which reduces their total karma overload and makes them lighter)   and those that have left their evil behind will carry their bad karma (which increases their  total karma overload and makes them more burdened in their next life)….So how can all die equally if you believe in karma?

As an aside, we need to have a new karmic terminology.

Of that, a little later.