Is there a persona factor?


In life you meet some people who are very violent,short tempered,negative,and abusive,  who always give out negative energy.

But you also meet other people who are very gentle,peaceful,soft spoken and who radiate a loving energy.

Why such a vast difference between the two types of people?

I think its not only upbringing or circumstances or environmental influence  that causes this.(Sometimes you find that within the same family there are these two different  personality types side by side.)

It must be   something to do with your past  persona factor (genes,hormones,nature) and how refined and evolved they were in your immediate  past life which you have inherited from your previous birth.

This persona  factor ,for want of a  better name,( new terminology has to be created for this word) is not the same as  your karmic kundali(horoscope) .

Karma is the settling of past dues and determines your present circumstances in life.The persona  gene  is independant of your karma. So a person who has a lot of bad karma,can also have a very highly evolved ,refined persona factor( devoid of all negative emotions like hatred, anger ,jealosy,violence etc.) I have seen poor people with bad circumstances but having a strong and noble and upright character.

So this aspect of personal growth,a more and more refined persona as you grow older,is in your own hands , and needs to be developed further through awareness, meditation , interaction with the right people,and having right people as your role models and other such measures.Those  who understand the value of this,will pursue this as a goal.  

When you remove negative emotions from your system,you evolve into a more refined person ( like 24 carat gold as the ultimate in refinement)And this  will in turn, reduce your Agami Karmas( which are karmas created by you  in this  life). Just as you carry forward your total balance Karmas at the end of this life(Sanchita Karma),I think you carry forward also the Persona refinement level into your next life through a certain transmission device of which we have no current research work as it is simply not possible to research past lives or future births.It canonly be surmised.

When the Karma Gene/or the Karma chip or the Karma Hormone  is discovered eventually,this gene/chip /hormone/whatever else will also have a portion,or a sequence that will be the persona  gene/chip,along with maybe other sequences which all transmigrate from life to life.

There is a left section of the brain and the right section.Maybe the Karma gene also has two sections ,one karma related,and the other  persona related.Who knows ?

All fiction,you may say.But as the genes/cells/ are probed more and more,it wont be long before fiction becomes science.

Whatever science discovers or does not discover,there is a  strong case for making yourself a better person and developing a  certain persona which is your very own code of conduct.