Belief in karma

Will belief in karma do me any good?

I personally think so.

The more you understand karma,the more basis there will be for making choices in life.

Let me explain by giving an illustration.

Two people go to a huge feast where they have a choice of a vast quantity of food.

One person knows which foods are healthy for him and selects the right ones to eat.

The other person does not know the difference and eats all the foods that he finds attractive.

Both go home and sleep. Both of them will be okay the next day.

But over a period of time,if the feasting were to continue,the one who eats healthier food will suffer less than the one who does not know what is good for him and therfore  he will go through more suffering.

So also in karma and karmic actions.If you understand that anger,hatred, jealosy, violence,non truthfulness,deceit,adultery,greed,cheating etc etc  are all poisons and will lead to suffering you will avoid these as junk food and reject them therby not creating any suffering in the future.

You will select only  those actions which will avoid suffering in the future.

You will have a basis on how you should make choices in life.

It may not always be simple to come to a decision but belief in karma will atleast keep you on the right path.