Karma Transmigration


I have always wondered about how Karma of a person who dies is carried forward into his next life????

This is how wild the imagination can run…….

1.Suppose  Karma gets stored indide you in a microchiplike device in your brain(somewhat like a SIM card in your phone which records all the phone calls you make)

2.Suppose that at the end of the day,in your deep sleep state,all the the sum total of the karma of the day gets uploaded onto a central server,a cosmic central  server .(again like the telecom companies store their data)

3.Suppose at the end of your life,maybe just at the point of death,the battery runs out  and the body is programmed that  when this happens all data gets deleted from the chip.

4.Suppose that the central server,which is now the only storehouse of your Karma,becomes a transmitter looking for a blank chip in the womb of a pregnant mother,which matches the karmic number of the dead person…..a karmic frequency……..

5.Suppose the karmic frequency matches the karmic frequency of  a pregnant mother,then the data gets downloaded into the blank  karmic chip of the baby and the karma of the dead person is now carried  forward  by the baby in its next life.

How does it sound….Straight out of a mad mind…..? Maybe one day I may get a better theory….Till then  I quite like this one.