Karma Quest ions

Is karma all about right and wrong only?

Is karma connected with one’s religion in any way ?

Is karma stored as a molecule,a particle,or an abstract unknown and yet undiscovered number?(like cholestrol, triglycerids,blood sugar etc.were all unknown words centuries ago)

Is karma present only in deeds or even in thoughts ?

Is the intensity of karma grouped in colours….( evil deeds are black particles,then grey,then blue,then green ,then yellow,then red then white?

Is the sum total of your karma a number or a purity code/(like 24 carat gold or 18.2354 carat etc.?

There is the law of gravity,there is the law o cause effect, what are the laws of karma?

In a complex,overcrowded world,how can one relate to karma and use it effectively ?

Does karma apply to non human beings also? Does it apply to all forms of life which have a brain?

Is the storehouse of karma the brain,or the lungs,or the blood,or any other undiscovered organ of the body?

Is there a family karma besides the individual karma?

Is there a country karma?Or any other groupings?

Does  zero karma mean enlightenment?

Does karma overload spell the end of planet earth?(Environmental destruction,global warming,atomic warfare,oil spills,greed of nations etc. etc.)

What is the way out ?