Karma CAN be controlled partially

Who doesn’t want a life of comfort ?

Who doesn’t  want a life free of worry and tension ?

Who doesn’t want a life with minimum suffering ?

But people go through life thinking that these are not in your control.

Of course they are not fully in your control,but they are partly controlled by the choices you made in the past,in the present and those you will make in the future.

Learn to accept this  hard to digest truth and understand the deeper truth behind cause and effect ,between your choices and your current status of comfort or suffering.

What has all this to do with karma.?

It has, because indirectly Karma is connected to the choices you made in your past lives as well as in this life and your level of karma is closely related to your level of suffering/comfort.

The interdependency  has to be understood just as if you breathe in more oxygen you will be healthier than if your breathe less oxygen if you have shallow breathing and refuse to connect good health with breathing.


Just as good health is a lot in your own choices of food,habits,lifestyles,same with good karma and amount of suffering you have to go through in day to day living.

Past karmas are beyond your control but karmas created by you in this life are in total control.Do not do wrong no matter what.Do not encourage anger,hatred, jealousy,violence or get attracted to them for any reason whatsoever.Do not let evil enter your mind.Good words,good thoughts good deeds.As they say in Zorastrianism.

Cleanse yourself with meditation just like a bath.Avoid a mind in turmoil.Avoid violent people.Follow your conscience.These are generalized words.Specific problems will require specific solutions.

But understand the underlying principle of karma running through life,act in accordance with it and because it is a law of life,the karma principle,sooner or later,the amount of comfort will increase and the amount of suffering will decrease.If you have been smoking,and  have cancer, then you stop smoking it will not cure your cancer but it will make it slower than if you continued smoking.Karma of life is the same.Stop karma,and slowly suffering will slow down.

I would like to end this post with a quote from HH the Dalai Lama .


“There are two reasons why it is important to understand the nature of mind. One is because there is an intimate connection between mind and karma. The other is that our state of mind plays a crucial role in our experience of happiness and suffering…” — HH the Dalai Lama .