More Karma Questions?

# Is bad Karma in the present created by the bad Karma done in the past ? 

In other words, does Karma work  in the form of a trap of a  vicious circle ?

 If so how can one escape from this vicious circle of bad Karma.?

# Does Karma fructify in the order of its creation sequentially…..? 

Or does bad Karma all get added up together and released slowly over a period of time according to its own laws?

What are the laws of Fructification of Karma?

Do small bad karmas fructify faster than big bad karmas ? Or is it vice versa….? Or does it differ depending on each individual case.?

#Can there be a classification of  Types of Fructification of bad Karma by:

a) Death of near ones

b) Disease in oneself  and near ones (Cancer,Asthama,Diabetes etc.) 

c) Accidents  happening to oneself and in near ones  

d) Financial Misfortunes

e) Emotional Upheavals  in life (bad marriages, wrong affairs, bad choices)

f) Being born in wrong family,wrong places,wrong times(Wars,Revolutions,Times of turmoil etc.)


# Which Bad Karma fructifies in this life itself and which gets carried over to the next life ?

# In Karma  terminology,is there a zone of ascending bad karmas (growing bad karmas) and descending or receding bad Karmas? 

# Is there a technique to convert bad karmas into good karmas by either meditation or by good deeds or thoughts of a particular type?

# Will it be possible that just as there are blood groups classifications,in the future  there will be karma classifications done in a  pathology laboratory and you can know your karma type so that you can take neccessary precautions? And most important,if the working of karma is more known,that is if ignorance of  karma is dispelled, then can it automatically prevent new  bad karma from happening ???????