Is Karma Universal ?

We tend to use the word universal quite wrongly…….

When we want to expand  from the local, we go to the provincial,the regional,the national,the continental  and then we jump straight to the universal……From the national we should go to the earthal but as there is no one word like earthal, pertaining to our planet  earth ,we just use the word  universal.The universal is a vast unknown space.A big jump from the earth to the universe.But totally in keeping with our earthly human ego.There is a word global,but that is not as commonly used as universal….

So if anyone asks is karma universal  I would reply I dont think so….

Karma is earthal…..related to human beings on earth……and maybe even to other forms of  life on earth…..

There may be other karmalike laws operative on extra terrestrials in the universe,of which we know nothing whatsoever….

Even the law of gravity may not be operative outside our solar system….

Lets not be presumptive…Who knows stuff outside our solar system except what the telescopes show ? Who has landed on other planets in our own solar system? Our knowledge ,though vast is limited ,especially speaking universally…..

So,to answer the question, karma is not universal.