Inventing “karmic terminology”

This post is only  terminology I have invented and not about explaining the terminology as it is a figment of my imagination.. Intuition when explained sounds unconvincing so I shall not attempt it.… Continue reading

“Neutral” Karma

I have observed that there are long stretches of time in my life when neither anything bad or good happens.There is no suffering. This is the period of what I call “neutral karma”.One… Continue reading

Karmic Equality/Inequality

Is Equality in Karma possible? No…Just like it is impossible to have two identical fingerprints….. Karma becomes operative the moment you are conceived… In which family a child is born depends on the… Continue reading

Is Karma Universal ?

We tend to use the word universal quite wrongly……. When we want to expand  from the local, we go to the provincial,the regional,the national,the continental  and then we jump straight to the universal……From… Continue reading

More Karma Questions?

# Is bad Karma in the present created by the bad Karma done in the past ?  In other words, does Karma work  in the form of a trap of a  vicious circle… Continue reading

Watch Your Thoughts

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes… Continue reading

May all karmas ripen right now

“We seek your blessings that all karmic debts,obstacles,and sufferings of mother beings, May without exception ripen upon us right now, And that we may give our happiness and virtues to others, And therby… Continue reading

Karma CAN be controlled partially

Who doesn’t want a life of comfort ? Who doesn’t  want a life free of worry and tension ? Who doesn’t want a life with minimum suffering ? But people go through life… Continue reading

Karma Quest ions

Is karma all about right and wrong only? Is karma connected with one’s religion in any way ? Is karma stored as a molecule,a particle,or an abstract unknown and yet undiscovered number?(like cholestrol,… Continue reading

Why are only Indians reborn?

The angel Gabriel came to the Lord and said ‘I have to talk to you urgently. We have some Indians up here in heaven and they are causing problems. They’re swinging on the… Continue reading

Karma Transmigration

  I have always wondered about how Karma of a person who dies is carried forward into his next life???? This is how wild the imagination can run……. 1.Suppose  Karma gets stored indide… Continue reading

Karma and Patanjali(3)

Sati Moole Tad Vipako, Jaati Ayu Bhoga. Sutra 13 Chapter 2. As long as the roots (of Karma ) remain,there will be fructification through birth (in a particular species and in particular class… Continue reading

Karma and Patanjali(2)

Kleshamool: Karmasayo Drasta Adrashta Janma Vedaniya. Sutra 12 Chapter 2. The roots of Karma are sown by klesas….. (The five klesas enunciated by patanjali are Ignorance,Egoism,Desire,Hatred, and Greed of Life) The consequences of… Continue reading

Karma and Patanjali

  Sopakramam Nirupakramam cha karma Tat Samayam aparanta Jnanam aristebhyo va. Sutra 22 Chapter 3 of Yogasutras of Patanjali Some karmas fructify very fast (some punishments are meted out rapidly) while some karmas… Continue reading

Control Karma

 In my understanding, Karma is dues. So there is no good karma and bad karma really.Like there are no good dues.(The reason the blog address is goodkarma is because karma was already registered … Continue reading

Karmic hindrances

“When awakened,we find karmic hindrances fundamentally empty.But when not awakened we must repay all our debts.”     Yoka Daishi  (665-713 A.D.) from “Shodaka”

Belief in karma

Will belief in karma do me any good? I personally think so. The more you understand karma,the more basis there will be for making choices in life. Let me explain by giving an… Continue reading

Is there a persona factor?

  In life you meet some people who are very violent,short tempered,negative,and abusive,  who always give out negative energy. But you also meet other people who are very gentle,peaceful,soft spoken and who radiate a loving… Continue reading

Do all die equal?

Nobody  believes  that” all are  born equal”.(The inequality of the rich and the poor) Nobody believes that “all  live equal” But everybody believes that “all die equally”. But do all really die equal? I think… Continue reading


The concept of Karma in Jainism is far too deep to put across in a post and I must also confess to my lack of deep knowledge on the subject. But Shrimad Rajchandra,a… Continue reading

Look at karma as dues.

Karma terminology is different in different religions.The concepts in Jainism,Hinduism and Buddhism are also quite different.Some concepts go too deep and you need a deep study to understand them.I would like to talk… Continue reading

On reducing future karmas

There are three  ways which come to mind for reducing our  future karmas.One is  to stop creating the birth of new karmas as far as possible by awareness of rightful thought and  behaviour.The second… Continue reading

karma=justice system of inside world

Karma is the justice system of the world at a personal level. ”As you sow,so shall you reap” is the best way to explain Karma in short. Sooner or later this law catches… Continue reading

Positive karma,Negative karma

The Law of Karma works in mysterious ways. Even a negativity like wishing ill of someone becomes debit points in your karmic account. This is all unexplored territory.I cannot prove anything nor can… Continue reading

Conscience limits Karma

“The conscience is the most flexible material in the world.Today you cannot stretch it over a molehill; while tomorrow it can hide a mountain.” Edward G.Bulwer-Lytton “Take liberties with your conscience at your… Continue reading